Pitnauer Winery

2464 Göttlesbrunn 9-10
Tel.: 02162-8249
Fax: 02162-8249-7

Owner: Edith and Hans Pitnauer
Winemaker: Hans Pitnauer
Vineyards: 21 ha
Single vineyards: Kräften; Hagelsberg; Neuberg; Bärnreisser; Schüttenberg
Varieties: 80% red wine varieties (Zweigelt, St. Laurent, Caberent Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot) 20% white wine varieties (Grüner Veltliner, Welschriesling, Pinot Blanc, Gelber Muskateller)
Wine specialities: Pinot Blanc; "Bienenfresser" (Zweigelt); "Cuvee Franz-Josef' (blend of Zweigelt and Cabemet Sauvignon)

Other products: brandy of St. Laurent (10 years in wooden cask); marc of"Bienenfresser"; marc of Gelber Muskateller; vermouth; grapejuice

Export: Germany, USA.,

Estate description: Hans Pitnauer is probably the first winegrower of the wine region of Camuntum who managed to reach the elite of Austrian wineries. In accordance with the conditions of this wine region, two third of bis ecologically cultivated vineyards are covered with red wine varieties. Regularly, Pitnauer achieves fully ripe grapes, which he
vinifies into red wines with lots of substance and generous alcohol. Continuously he has made winemaking easier by improving the working conditions in the work areas of his winery. This has contributed to the continued progress in the quality of his wines. 

Although in the minority, the white wines of his Göttlesbrunn vineyards are also remarkable.The proponent for the lean direction is the fresh Welschriesling. The prime example for the more powerful variation is the substantial Pinot Blanc, which requires a few years of bottle ageing for showing its true strength. After a reasonable reduction in the number of varieties, the third example is the Grüner Veltliner. The fourth of the collection is the promising newcomer Gelber Muskateller.
The dominant red variety is the Zweigelt, with particularly good results from the Schüttenberg vineyard. The stronger version of the Zweigelt, suitable for ageing, is labelled "Bienenfresser", named after a rare, colourful bird, which has nests in the earth caves near Göttlesbrunn. Hans Pitnauer' s other premium wine is named after bis father and grand-father, Cuvee Franz Josef. This blend of Zweigelt, Cabemet and St. Laurent is balanced, muli-layered and aged 24 months in new oak.
lt should be mentioned that Hans Pitnauer was a driving force in initiating the creation of a separate "Carnuntum" wine region, which was previously part of the "Donauland" region.
As a special service for friends of wine and regular customers, the winery offers a tasting room and small wine library for storing wines in own compartments under optimal conditions.

Significant awards: Prix d'Excellence in Paris 1995; Vinitaly 1993; Falstaff-winner 1990

Sale on premises: tasting and sale Monday to Saturday, in exceptional cases on Sunday,
by appointment

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